Thank you King Willem-Alexander

Learn about yourself, about your own limitations and daring to make mistakes. No, do not correct. Above all, let it happen. This is what King Willem-Alexander shared with us during an interview on the evening before his 50th birthday.

The interviewer, Wilfried de Jong, gives him the room to be authentic. I feel his emotion touch me inside and wipe away a tear. I also feel the power that sits in his DNA: the connection born out of sincerity.

He gives something important to us all. It begins with searching for yourself. I hope that all (future) managers will embrace this. Embrace who you are and help others.

Give your team the trust to also conduct this search. It is Utopia to think that your colleague is finished with this search. If we correct and check the colleague goes only deeper into his shell. If we say “you may learn” (= make mistakes) and that you support him/her, then they will share more.

To manage is to connect. If you know who you are and where your talents lie they can be deployed in an optimal way. Share talent with each other. Dare to say what really bothers you about yourself. Ask someone to help you steer your weaker characteristics towards your strength. After all, connecting begins with yourself and then afterwards you can connect other talents with each other. What a splendid profession management is. Only do not forget peoples' vulnerability, so make sure there is a safety net. Show patience for your team. How cool is it to help a rough diamond on this journey and see them shine like a 10-carat diamond?

I have always been proud of our monarchy - and really after this evening this pride has grown deeper. In fact, he lets us see that we should look more at ourselves before we give an opinion about others. What can I, as a manager, do differently instead of saying; “It is not going to work the way you are approaching it.”

In times when there are far too many arguments and unreal attacks happening it is even more important that we are sincerely connected with each other. Let us be there for each other and act more from the heart. Think about our King and how he works on this connection every day. A top manager for our country and what a treasure he is. In short: A deep bow to our King and thankfulness for the sharing of his learning moments.