Why are you so busy?

Nobody is too busy if their priorities are set right. You make a To–Do list, look to see when and what you can do and then put them in your diary. Do you believe that this works? Sorry, then I’ll just have to shatter your dream. I just change this famous quote into “nobody is too busy if they make the right choices”. This is the essence of what it is all about.

How do you make choices? Identify your focus points. If, at work, you can no longer “see the wood for the trees”, go and talk to your manager. Discuss together what the focus points for the coming month should be. You get more peace of mind if you identify your focus points. No, do not identify ten focus points…my advice is a maximum of three. Grab your to-do list and start crossing out. In fact, throw the list away. Take a piece of paper. Write down your focus points. Make a note of which tasks or activities apply.

“Focus” that’s all very well, but how to explain yourself when saying “No” is not really your cup of tea. Be clear. Share what your focus is with your colleagues. Also, declare why you find it so great to work in this manner. In the end, communication is the basis for everything. If your colleague still dumps more work on your plate, say that you cannot help him. Don’t give explanations or make excuses or run around it. At first this will be not an easy thing to do and will feel quite unnatural. After a month, you will see that you wouldn’t do it any other way. In doing so, I would say that there can always be unexpected situations. That’s unavoidable. But if this happens daily then somewhere, something is not right.

You can also apply this to your private life. Last month, my focus was on our new house and on spending more time with my family. When my group of friends asked me to go away with them for the weekend, I decided, therefore, to decline. Next month I will happily tag along. Of course, it does not mean that you cannot do things spontaneously any more, such as unexpectedly going to the cinema with friends. However, if you continue to do unexpected things then you will lose your focus again.

What are you going to focus on next month?