Managing = connecting

During the guest lecture "Managing from the heart" at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences the subject of delegating comes up. Almost all the 3rd year students are of the opinion that they find delegating difficult. Letting go is daring to trust. This means that, maybe, a project can proceed other than you expect. Maybe miss a deadline once: well, that's all part of the process.

Changing conflict-avoiding behaviour

Examples help to get to the core of the issue. They give insight as to why "letting go" is difficult. Daring to gives one's opinion about someone's behaviour also becomes an issue in this process. This can become a complicated experience, especially when you work with friends. The fear that you hurt someone because their agreements with the project team are not fulfilled. The chance that conflict ensues. People would rather avoid the chance of a conflict. In fact, what we are talking about here is communication.

Agree frameworks together

The students designate something that we also come across daily in our business life. What do you communicate and what do you not communicate? And how do you communicate this then? On this subject I cannot give you a standard answer because it often depends on the situation and whom you are dealing with. My advice is to agree frameworks with one another at the start of a project. No, not everything, just three or four things that you as a group have agreed to do. And with that, you can make a promise to address one another immediately if they do not happen; giving the possibility to fall back on your agreements and not be surprised by situations that come out of the blue. In my experience, if you define the frameworks clearly, the group functions easier.

Accepting bad characteristics

In order to be able to connect, it is essential to accept who you are. Yes, and here I am also talking about those minor characteristics. The group of students wake up immediately when I say this. Something beautiful happens. A student gets up reluctantly and shares the following with us: "The characteristic that I'm sick to death of is that I am insecure." But then, putting a positive slant on this indicates what the advantage of this "bad" characteristic is. She says that her insecurity makes her think carefully before she shares her views and can give all her reasons for this in detail. Smiling from ear to ear she sits down again. Today, she has dared to take the lead for the first time.

Who cannot connect, cannot manage

If you don't know how to connect, then you cannot manage either. Share talents with each other. Dare to say what bugs you about yourself. Ask someone to help you bend the minor characteristics towards your strengths. Dare to accept who you are. After all, connecting begins with yourself.