Talent alone is not enough

“I will focus on the race and not start dreaming” said Max Verstappen the day before his historical Grand Prix Race in Spain. No doubt he is gifted with a special talent but beside this he is a remarkable person, a true inspirer, already at the age of 18 years old!


I continue to be surprised at how quickly, after recording a good business result, a manager is asked when the next step is to be taken. If you continue dreaming about what you want to achieve then you lose focus. So focus on what you are doing now and trust yourself as well as your manager. Max kept focused and trusted his manager resulting in his promotion from Scuderia Torro Rosso to Red Bull Racing.


If you are good, you can shout this from the roof-tops. Though you should ask yourself if this is a wise thing to do. You can be very good within your own area of expertise but at the same time be unfriendly to people around you. If you feel more important yourself than the people around you then you are barking up the wrong tree. How you treat everybody says a lot about you. Who do you employ? Someone who is good at their job but is often arrogant or someone who is reasonably good at their job but communicates in a respectful way.

Luckily for Red Bull Racing, Max has both: sublime in his work, a real team member with his heart in the right place and does not distinguish between people and treats everybody in a respectful way.


Don't be afraid to make mistakes. To fail is a learning process. If you haven't tried it then you've failed anyway. Failing enriches life experiences in a priceless way that you cannot learn from a book. Max wanted to go carting already at the age of four. Now, at 18, he is the youngest ever F1 winner; an outstanding example of perseverance.

Focus, your attitude and perseverance are key and remember: what will happen, will happen. Just like Max!