Numbers: not the whole story

"Your results are good but you could do better." I nodded in agreement but in the mean time am immediately thinking how I could have done it differently.

A few years ago I discovered a note on my desk with a funny picture and the caption " Thanks to your perseverance and creativity we are again a step closer to our target." I smiled the whole day - no, indeed the whole month, ultimately reaching that particular target earlier than expected!

We are really good at saying what could be better. Being lead only by numbers is counter-productive in my eyes. If the strategy is understood and everybody's role is clear why do you have to talk about numbers every day? Don't only look at the hard facts (such as dashboards) but also at softer elements such as the intrinsic motivation of employees. How do you ensure they stay inspired? This is your first priority: take care of your people.

Small tip: begin by celebrating successes no matter how small. I recently gave a strategy workshop and within the framework of connectivity I asked the question "When was the last time they had had a compliment about their work?" It remained silent for a while.

Let us, in the here and now, give each other more attention and appreciate what someone does. Unfortunately, most appreciation is heard at funerals which, although nice, would be much nicer if the person themselves could still hear it.

Sincere attention makes a positive difference

Moniek van Rheenen-Schreurs