Help, I'm stuck!

Blessed to the fact that the assignments continue to flow in since the founding of my company 'Business in Person' in 2012. However in 2014 I felt stuck. How do I ensure that I do not stagnate myself? I made the decision to give myself every year a gift, as a business women I find it important to keep investing in my own development.

My first gift: sessions at POM HR- Training & Branding. We returned to my intrinsic motivation. An exceptional route where looking at myself was quite intense. As result we optimized the Business in Person's working methods where 'where business meets the heart' always leads. I also received valuable advice on how you get sincere fans from your organisation.

Last week I was once again surprised with a phone call that I had been chosen as sparring partner for an international management team. "Eh, don't you want to know anything about me?", I stammered. They referred to my "fan" and then everything became clear. An introduction interview was quickly planned and yes, an assignment ensued. I still blush about the way this happened.

My second gift: 'Mindfulness' sessions with Weekers & Broekhuizen. A little hesitantly I joined the intake not being at all woody minded. The reality was different: 'eye-openers' and solid things to hang on to followed quickly. The first session took me completely off balance. The next sessions I embraced the Mindfulness lifestyle that works for me. It helps me to be more conscious about everything that is happening now without having to pass judgement. How does this affect business? A still happier person, who from out of her own talent, expertise and sincerity as a sparring partner, knows how to reach out.

I have given myself a third gift which I would like to share at another time. I'm curious as to which gifts you give yourself in order to continue to grow as a person? Share those, and who knows, I can put them on my own wish-list.

Thank you, Moniek van Rheenen-Schreurs