Debate debacle

Dear Mrs Clinton and Mr Trump,

Billions of dollars are spent on your campaigns and although sometimes, in my thoughts, I ask myself about the many things you could do for the USA with all that money (such as: helping the poor, optimising medical services and supporting the economy by creating more jobs). I cannot, and will not, pass judgement on this.

Choosing a new president for the USA is not easy and therefore it is important that all citizens are so well informed that they can properly make up their minds. However, the way that this is happening, for example during the debates of the past few weeks, does not leave me with a good feeling.

No matter what others say, I see two intelligent people where only their own conviction counts for what is best for the USA. Sorry to say (being really Dutch), this is not a smart approach. Millions of people look at you and look up to you. Young girls have a dream that just like you, Mrs Clinton, they, as a woman, can reach the top. Many children also see that no matter where you come from, you can become a self-made businessman, like you Mr. Trump. However, they also see the manner in which it happens.

I believe that you can deal with each other differently. Show the country that achieving goals can be done using the ARA method. My conviction is that ARA: Attention for each other, Recognition for what someone does and show Appreciation for that would make the world a better place. Of course we do not have to agree with one another but disagreeing can be done differently.

When you two meet there is hardly a glance between you ... try paying attention to one another instead. It's really not that difficult and doing so gives recognition to the fact that you are both professionals having the same aspirations to make America even better so why not show appreciation for one another, now and then?

No, I do not ask you to conduct each other's campaign, but I would like you to present yourselves in a way that younger generations would be inspired to become just like you Mrs. Clinton or you Mr. Trump.

I hope, in my own modest way, that you at least once think about my ARA and by doing so, strike at the heart of youngsters, showing them how different it can be in the fight for one of the most special posts in the USA.

With all my love, from a woman living in the rolling Dutch countryside.

Moniek van Rheenen-Schreurs