Unexpected success

In 2014 I published my first blog Genuine succes: an exciting step for me. The surprising reactions and the many "likes" have led to inspiring meetings, assignments and the blogs that followed. An extra boost for my own company Business in Person. What an unexpected and special gift. I started writing because I wanted to share my experiences and set people thinking. I have heard from readers that it strikes a chord in them and that they discover that there can be other ways to operate. This also happened to me.

Nicoline Wisse Smit was also stirred by my blog and she sent me a beautiful reply. After a few mails to and fro we became curious about one another and decided to have lunch together. I was speechless as I listened to her stories, nodding in agreement at all the many recognizable commonalities; a business match. Nicoline has already studied love in organizations for years. We both believe that genuine attention and connectedness can make a difference. At our second meeting we decided together to expand her already developed CoLove Principle further.

In the workplace the basic principles CoLove uses, are those that mankind are naturally good at: paying attention and making connections. These thoughts have been developed into the CoLove-Principle which comprises two steps. The first step is to deploy the CoLove- tool box in the workplace and for the customers that are involved. This is an important step towards continuing change whilst working from the heart. The world famous photographer Jimmy Nelson and the initiator of the world compliment day Hans Poortvliet, amongst others, are a part of the CoLove toolbox. The second step is to establish the development ground. Happy organisations are more productive, more innovative and profitable and that is what we all really want. Implementing the CoLove-Principle will achieve this.

I am happy that I could dare to follow my heart. This is not always the easiest thing to do but it feels good. What does your heart say if you really dare to listen to it?

Moniek van Rheenen-Schreurs