Work from the heart

I always do my grocery shopping at the same supermarket and that is how I have bonded with the personnel over the years. The other day I noticed that the cashier looked different, more radiant then she normally does. I could not resist the temptation to compliment her on this. The effect? She was clearly touched! She enthusiastically explained to me what made her shine. Her enthusiasm radiated onto me and as a result I (the customer!) left the supermarket happier than I was before.

You need to give first

Companies generally say that their employees are their most important asset! Unfortunately, according to my own research, the opposite is often true. Even though it has been proven many times over and beyond any doubt that the beating heart of a company is indeed its employees. So, if you want your company to really stand out, to really reach your customers, than you will have to touch the heart of your employees first. As Lao Tzu, a philosopher of ancient China, said: “If you want to receive, you need to first give”. If you want to dramatically increase your bottom line in the long term, this is the only way.

Balance business & heart

It is about finding a balance between common business senses and finding the hearts of the people around you. In 1943 Maslow published his hierarchy of needs in which he points out the importance of acknowledgement and esteem. For 2015 an upcoming trend is Humanization; where everything evolves around exactly those feelings again. Why do we find it so hard to act on this in business? This is nothing new as when something comes from the heart it is sincere. Employees will feel and appreciate this and act accordingly towards your customers. The result? Your customers will become happier. I.e. think and act more from the heart and doors will open.

Try for yourself: you’ll love it!

I would appreciate it if you would give at least one sincere compliment to someone tomorrow. Just observe what it does to that person! Before you know it you want to keep doing it and why not?

Moniek van Rheenen-Schreurs