Balance your way to success

I think we all have moments in our lives when one day we feel “on top of the world” and the next day we feel we’re “at the bottom looking up”. Bridging that gap was my personal challenge: Being balanced and staying balanced!

Beating heart I am convinced that if you really want to be a successful and sustainable organization, sincere connections between people and the organization are necessary. If you can make the employees’ heart beat faster as an organisation, your organisation will have more potential to reach its customers and ultimate goals. So looking at individual talents in your organisation and encouraging these is very important: They will become a valuable part of the organisation and will dare to reach out and take that extra step to be part of a successful organization.

Dare to choose

Managers have the tendency to throw around words like “focus” and “consistency” without really knowing what they mean in daily business or for a long-term strategy. Wouldn’t it be powerful if an organization would dare to choose and stand for this choice while never losing sight of its vision? The market can be very unpredictable: This is the moment when an organization faces the challenge to change the goal or its journey to reach that goal.

Clarification Give your employees peace of mind by clearly and specifically communicating your vision. It is important to discuss the role and focus of each individual employee to contribute to the common goal. An interesting test for this is to ask a number of employees from different departments if they can tell you what their monthly contribution was to the vision of the organization.

My own path By doing what I do at organizations and by applying this method to myself, I got to know my own heart even better. I first visualized my focus on a large piece of paper and acted accordingly. Now I know the three things that really make me happy and the things that are not close enough to me. I have to spend more time with my son and so I pick him up from school at noon at least once a week and have lunch with him. This also means that I have to say “no” to a customer who wishes to meet me at that time. It sounds easier than it is. My experience is that by being aware, I am closer to myself, my choices are more sincere and I focus on those things that make my heart beat faster, in any situation or environment.

Identify three things that make your heart beat a little faster. Can you make these three things a reality?

Moniek van Rheenen-Schreurs